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Before the class start


  • Students can start to make payment before or after 3 weeks of live classes.
  • All payment for certificate of completion must have been completed before the 4th week live class.
  • Students who fails to make payment for certificate, will not be allowed to attend the class; starting from the 4th week

To access your class forum, see the steps below

  1. Login / Register on the learning platform; click here:
  2. After login, this should take you to my dashboard
  3. Under learners dashboard; click on “join your class forum”
  4. This will show all the class forums,
  5. Click on the course name you applied for.
  • Your live class link, date, and weekly recordings will be made available on the class forum
  • All class assignment and assessment will be submitted on the class forum.

(Make sure you click on the subscribe button at the top of the class forum to get notifications and class updates directly to your mail)

To apply for internship, see the link below:


Under Make Payment above; on My dashboard, Click on Obtain your certificate

Or click on the link below:

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