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An online learning platform developed to provide the latest latest IT skills


An online tech community developed to educate people starting a career in information technology

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Web development

Learn how to develop a website from the with Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Python and WordPress

Data science

Learn how to use data in communicating findings, telling stories, formulating principles and in creating actionable business insight.

Machine learning

Learn the various machine learning techniques and algorithm in creating models, predicting evens, recommending items.


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Favored online provides free quality live online IT skills with course materials, projects, and expert instructions. To get started an application fee of $13 is required 


Our courses are delivered virtually to help people with zero experience and are lead by Industry experts with proven records. 


We provide internship opportunities for learners by offering them a job role available on favored online and via our partnering companies.


We educate, motivate and encourage people starting a career in information technology

Happy to help anyone with zero experience in tech

Web design

The Web Design class was very innovative and educative. Thanks to Mr. Damilola, he made Web Designing so simple. He explained in detail, giving clear insight on what Web Designing really is, the class was simpler than I expected.

Smile Okuta


Career path in tech

Being a student of physics made me a Tech enthusiast but in actual fact, I was doing things the wrong way. I was invited to an online program tagged career path in Tech by a friend. I must say that; I have gained a lot in such a short time.




My INTERNSHIP experience with favored online was exciting with lots of projects to complete and weekly reports to write.
I was able to apply my foundational knowledge of programming to real projects. It is a good way to kick-off for anyone interested in a career in tech


Interns (Software developer)
GIZ (Nigeria)
Business Analyst Community of Nigeria
Microsoft Network Partner
Online IT Certification Compay
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